Welcome to the Five nights at darcys WikiEdit

the wiki about darcy and her friends, if you are a fad fan [not the one about darcy the ginniuapig] then this is the wiki that will tell you about the game.

if anyone edits this wiki and puts information that has nothing to do with the information on this wiki, or claims this game as their own will be reported immediately. Edit

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darcys pizza is a pizzeria which is run by kid entertaining animatronics, but in the night they are human chewing killing machines. the aim of the game is to survive the nights and get the job over and done with.

if you didn't know, there are 6 animatronics and 1 end skeleton plushy. the plushy is in the second game (when its created).

this wiki is still updating, DO NOT EDIT THIS.

animatronic name role aperance scaryness
darcy main character blue eyes, wears red. 100
party girl 2nd character wears yellow and pinkish purple, green eyes 100
milly 3rd character wears black, black hair. 85
ralph cat black cat 60
jeffery cat ginger cat 60
mystery animatronic unknown blue hair, red eyes, blue dress 100

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